About Me


My name is Hunter Morrell (as you can see from the website URL and name). I'm currently pursuing a Computer Science degree (though I'm close to finishing). I am also working a full-time infosec job on my campus, so it's definitely more than just a hobby to me.
This will hopefully a relatively active blog, though I'm never sure about what life will throw at me to distract from that goal.

Regardless, I will be touching on a number of topics close to my heart, like infosec, D&D, and reading/writing. I may also dabble in other topics as I see fit. Posts will all be clearly tagged and general topic tags will be linked on the top bar so you only have to see the ones that you're interested in.

If you have any comments, concerns, criticisms, or just want to say hey, you can reach me on Twitter at @Hunter_Morrell